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Monday, March 31, 2008

Wedding vows...

“Would you like to read your vows now?” the minister enquired

“Yes I would”, said Preeti.

The first time I walked through these lonely roads
I felt lost and scared
A wave of insecurity swept through me
But then I met you
And I came to realize that,
I had a reason to wake up every single morning
I had a reason to remember dates on the calendar
I had a reason to choose what I am wearing
I had a reason to explore the world
I had a reason to LIVE
All I need from you is the promise that you will be by my side every single day….

And then Joe read out his

Sometimes as I look up into the sky
And see the stars shining ever so brightly upon me,
I wonder, “What did I do to deserve such an angel?”
Somehow, “Forever” seems too small a time
In comparison to the time I want to spend with you…

Years later

She was looking through the window waiting for him. It had become quite a routine for Joe to not come home for days together. The only reason she could wedge out of him was work, work and more work. They hardly saw each other during the weekdays and collaborated the week’s happenings only during the weekends. However during the past few months even that had become difficult. Life’s pace had pretty much taken its toll over them.

The papers were on the table and a sign from him was all that was required to validate their legal separation. She had called his office assistant and left a message for him. She just was as scared as she was on her wedding day. She had opposed pretty much everyone she knew to marry Joe and now she was faced with the very same opposition which was ironically stronger now than ever before.

She knew not whether the decision that she was taking was right or wrong but all she knew was that love had become virtually nonexistent between them. Their relationship had become more of a burden that neither was interested in carrying.

As she packed her bags that night to leave for another city, she still took one piece of paper with her; the wedding vows that they had written for each other. Sometimes echos from the past, however distant they may be, keep ringing in your ears for eternity!