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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hum Tum

"I don't want to talk to you... I don't want to see your face. Just get out of my sight", yelled Neeta.

"I don't understand. If you have something to say, why don’t you just go ahead and blurt it out? How am I supposed to know what you are thinking? I’m not a mind reader", shouted an utterly frustrated Siddarth.

He just found it too much to take. They had just celebrated their 1 year anniversary as a couple and here they were, fighting their guts out over an incident which both of them knew they were going to forget in about a week He felt she was making mountain out of a molehill. “When is she ever going to grow up!” was the thought dwelling in his mind

"You were sooooooooo flirting with her"

"I was not! She was your friend and I was making a casual conversation. See if you are not going to trust me, this can never work.”

"You told her that I could never make pulao as well as she did"

"I was being honest... that was a really well made dish and you know that you really can’t cook like that. Now don’t be such a baby. This is jut so petty that I’m embarrassed to be a part of this""(sometimes guys should just keep their mouth shut)

"This sounds petty? Fine you won’t hear anything more from me. You always end up hurting me... "

"I can’t help it if you twist everything that I say... probably you are right.... Let’s just not speak. Let’s take a break!", with that piece of conversation, Siddarth stormed out of her apartment. He did not want to see her face... He just wanted to be alone from all the fights, from all the yelling, from all the tears....

next day

She was hoping he would call. Of course she couldn’t call him. Her ego wouldn't permit that... she was looking at her phone time and again just to see if his name would flash up.

He dint want to call... he wanted to be out of the relationship. He dint want to be bogged down by the strain of it anymore. But he caught himself several times a day looking at his mobile and wondering if it said “Neetu calling”….

One week later

It had been a week since they had seen or spoken to each other

Sid's mobile beeped

"Mom is not well. Need you", from Neeta

He rushed.... excused himself from the meeting, and frantically sped through the traffic with just one thought in mind. Neeta needed him... He needed to be there. He was at her place in half an hour. They had to admit her mom in the hospital since she had had a sudden fall. The only person she could think of was him.

10.00 p.m

“May be I’ll just call her and sound aloof"... he thought

“May be I’ll jus call him and say thank you...but will it sound too artificial”, she thought

They both were fiddling with their mobiles… wondering what to start a conversation with.

The phone rang.... she picked up

"Hey Neetu"

"Hey Sid"

"Actually I was wondering if you have Tara's number from the HR dept", he began sheepishly, trying his best to sound aloof while all that had been in his mind was hearing her voice and making sure she was fine.

she laughed.... she burst out completely...

"You idiot... I missed u too", she said

"BTW I'm soooooooo not interested in your friends... you have a real bad taste in picking friends", said Sid

"I know, I pick them out that way so that I remain to be the only one who can sway you, trouble you, fight with you and yet be the only person for whom you would give up everything in the world"

"Sometimes... just sometimes... you are perfectly right"

P.S: i know this post is too mushy... probably can never happen. but I'm bored of writing tragedies so I thought why not explore another dimension of a relationship... hope u guys like this :-)