Little Miss Sunshine!!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

A brand new day....

Neeta was sitting on the shores of a beach with the waves flirting with her feet and going all the way back to the sea. It was 5 in the morning; the sky looked as if it was painted to its entirety in a mild scarlet hue. The world had not yet risen but to her it was a beginning, the start of another brand new day.

Today she had come to the waves with a question.... can they answer them? She knew not.... but she had to ask. She remembered the days when she was just 10 years old and her father used to bring her to the beach twice a week.... She had spent all those days building mud castles which to her seemed to be the most important thing to do. When the castles were washed away by water, she would cry out loud and her father would pacify her by buying a candy bar on their way home. Alas here has come a day when we build castles in the air and weep our hearts out when they shatter. In certain aspects, human beings are yet to evolve.

She was not the kind of person who would crib and create a pandemonium for every single trouble that fell at her feet. She lived her life the way she wanted to, without even a belief in any external force to seek refuge at times of need.

But today she could feel the emptiness that surrounded her, there were people all around but no one could fill the vacuum that had possessed her environment. She questioned her existence. It was a simple question... "Why are we on this planet"? How do you define a meaningful life? Does it have to do with achieving fame, success, earning money, being good to people, having a good social life????

And then it happened, the sun rose on the eastern horizon filling the entire sky with light and warmth. It felt as if the sun was trying to convey something to her. That silent minute of conversation between her and the force that sustained life on this earth seemed to envelope her world with answers.

As she walked on the shores of the sea, each footprint of hers were being erased by water. She looked back, smiled to herself and thought "Yes, the journey of life by itself imparts a meaning to life. It may be short-lived; it may be filled with dreams, drenched with sadness, replete with joy, coated with memories.... yet it is miraculous".