Little Miss Sunshine!!

A pinch of salt, a spoonful of sugar,a mixture of condiments,a dollop of cream... so are my stories, so are my dreams!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me.... I feel not... I only see...

Staring outside on to the crowded streets
Ad-midst all the noise, commotion and scorching heat
I have stood behind a single glass door
and welcomed people into the store

I have been here from when the first customer walked in.
With a smile on my face and the best of all clothes, I said "come on in!"
What a journey it has been!
Human nature in a microcosm,I have seen

The youth, they have always cared about today
The old, they have always cared about yesterday
My owner has only cared about selling his goods
Sometimes it scares me to know about people, under their hoods

I have seen generosity in an old man's deeds
I have seen greed in a human being's needs
I have felt pain when a child gets lost in all that crowd
I have felt joy on just being adored

Now that I have become dusty with molds covering my core
No one really wants me around anymore
I'm going to be replaced by someone much younger
can they do as well as I have ever done! I wonder

Tomorrow is the day when I will be dismantled and thrown into a bin
Bah, to everyone in this place, I'm just an old mannequin
sometimes I feel like saying, "I'm as much a human being as anyone else here"
Alas there is no one but me to hear....