Little Miss Sunshine!!

A pinch of salt, a spoonful of sugar,a mixture of condiments,a dollop of cream... so are my stories, so are my dreams!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Life goes on...

The Sunny road trails along
As the lonely soldier trudges on
Sometimes a friend, at times a foe
At every turn, there awaits a man

Someone in whom he can confide
Someone in whom he can seek respite
Someone who makes him understand loneliness
Someone who teaches him how to share

So many strangers walk in and walk out
It makes you wonder how we recognize one another
it is just as if the waves of the sea knew each other
just when one wave ends the other one begins

Time eludes the young and throttles the old
It soothes the pain of the bygones and heals the loss of the yore
but has an uncanny ability to flit right through your hands
the more you try to hold on .

In retrospection...
Fond memories, precious moments,
A smile, a word, a lost picture is all that lingers
But the thought, the soul, the energy, shines and exudes
through all those people life brings in your way

As the narrow road trails along
New surprises, new experiences are showered upon
As The lonely soldier marches on
There are still many more battles to win, life goes on...